AMHACI is about one thing only...Empowerment.

The AMHACI was born in December 2017, out of a humanitarian experience in the north east of Nigeria, where vulnerability cohabit with trauma, fear of terror and a lot of denial.  The perfect combination to uphold the endless cycle of violence.

As a small group of three people crazy enough but fully passionate about mental health, we were looking at doing more of what we were doing already.  We put ideas to action by founding an international NGO, based in Nigeria.  Although coming from various backgrounds but with the same strong will and desire to make a difference, we knew already there was one common ground we all agreed on. Mental Health is the most important key element to development and peace.  But we also agreed on another important issue.  To succeed in this venture, we must do things differently from others.

Today, with the support of the International Mental Health Standards Board we have a solid expertise, a credible reference and we look forward in contributing to a better world by advocating, by engaging actions in improving living conditions and supporting governments in designing mental health legislation in Nigeria and other African countries.