Our Team. Great people giving their heart to a cause.

I don’t know many organisations that can claim so proudly that everyone involved in AMHACI is giving its time for the cause, for the sake of better Mental Health in Nigeria. AMHACI is now represented in 13 states and we continue to work toward having representation in each state of the country.

The most extraordinary is about the massive competences and years of experience combined by the 18 delegates.  Sure, we are developing and growing but we have now 2 offices, one in Abuja and now one Maiduguri because of the demand and the urgent needs in the northeast.  This doesn’t leave out the needs of the other states, understanding that we must implement specific services for specific needs where they are.

I would like, as the President of the organisation express my gratitude and recognition to all members who joined AMHACI to give a voice to Mental Health quality services in Nigeria.

I must address a special Thank You to Ibrahim Jidda, Innocent Alobu, Ibrahim Kyari, Michael Ibeabuci, Mustafa, a team of so passionate people who have given everything possible in efforts, in time, in financial support for the sake of the organisation.  Without them, AMHACI would not have reached where it is now.

These are the people who never ask what the organisation can do for them, but more of what they can do for the organisation.  Great work.  GREAT TEAM.

Marie Prisca Lahssen, President