Is quite more than just a name or just another NGO.

AMHACI is not really about what we do, although we are quite alone in our world, but it is more about HOW we do what we do.

It is about building bridges and sowing seeds of hope everywhere we are and with everyone.  All our actions are based on values we just don’t write these on our documentation, we do stand for them, we speak on behalf of them, we let ourselves be inspired by them on and on and most of all, we never get tired to share our passion of caring through them.

  • HOPE as what keep us looking forward and by the seeds of dandelions flying away with the wind.

  • INSPIRATION as we should be moved by the good we can be and do and our link to our profound nature defining who we are.

  • EXCELLENCE as we can overcome fears and develop our potential is represented by the laurel wreath.


The dandelion considered invasive, is a common perennial flower that has often a bad reputation. It grows almost everywhere in the world and invites itself on all the fresh spring lawns, in the parks, in the gardens, in the wild fields.
Even though it is often one of the most unloved in western countries, the dandelion flower nevertheless possesses innumerable virtues. In the kitchen, pharmacy, cosmetics, each part is one of great use.
It is a flower considered biologically very complex, rare, with a unique capacity of regeneration. After flowering, it turns into this down ball that attracts the eyes of children, inspires the photographers, while its hundreds of peduncles fly away from the winds.

From flower to mental health, there are so many similarities. Unpopular, poorly regarded wrongly stigmatized, one as the other plays a fundamental role in human balance and nature.
The dandelion is fragile and particularly sensitive to its environment, as well as mental health equally fragile and so related to our balance.
Both victims of misconceptions, yet they offer the possibility of wonderful metamorphosis and capacities of regeneration.
We are too often enslaved by the limit of our certitudes and perceptions. This is also taking away all the chances we have to transform what seems so uninteresting into wonderful experiences.