No secret. the IMHSB is our source of inspiration.

To be a dedicated Mental Health NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) in Africa, is certainly by itself a quite challenging task.  Unfortunately, Mental Health is still today, denied as a key component to economical and social development, and to peaceful environments. Until African leaders are going to be capable to admit that we must look at the reality as it is if we want to improve it, and considering mental health in all political equations and strategies, no sustainable change will take place and we won’t be able to move truly forward to support the population in its well-being significantly.

The International Mental Health Standard Board has been supporting and inspiring each steps taken toward the implementation of AMHACI Nigeria and will continue to support the organisation in its endeavor.  This partnership is not only crucial for the sustainability of AMHACI but because we know that the Mental Health standards established by the IMHSB are proven solid parameters we can hold on to and take example and apply these every day in everything we do.

This affiliation is not about financial support but about building our credibility based on the experienced resources made available to our entire organisation to strengthen our capacities and reach international level of clinical intervention and holistic services.

To read more about the Mental Health Standards click here.  MH Standards