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Amhaci goes GREEN!

ITS ABOUT CARING FOR EACH OTHER AND THE ENVIRONMENT.For a very long time, a too long time, we neglected the link between how we feel and the quality of our environment.  But why making efforts to better its life if the surrounding corresponds well to the depression state felt by most of Nigerians?  Why picking…

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A Mobile Store!

TO SELL, TO BUY AND PROMOTE AMHACIWe know that we can’t get anywhere unless we get to be known and people understand what we do and why we do what we do. So, in the coming weeks, we will set some mobile stores to give access to promotional t-shirts, caps, bracelets, USB keys and more. …

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GO Fundraising!

FRANCE-NIGERIA TOGETHER AGAINST THE HOPE KILLERS?The killers of hope are not only Boko Haram, but addictions, hate, hunger, slavery, indifference, irresponsibility.  But even if the amount of challenges are now reaching a crisis level as never seen before,  we must take actions, otherwise we become accomplice. And this, is not an option for AMHACI as…

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