For AMHACI, empowerment is not only a word but it is part of its whole philosophy.   Empowerment defines the type of programs and training we develop but defines as well what we say and what we do and how we do what we do.  Every initiative taken, the question remains the same:  Is this empowering people? If not, there is no point for us.

Empowering is about supporting and leading each Human Being in finding within himself the resources needed to face life and make the decisions in respect of his or her individual needs. It is a process which requires courage, we know that, but it is a process absolutely fundamental to find and keep Mental Health balance.

It is part of our profound nature to feel we have some control over our life.  And critical thinking is a must to be able to take decisions, to build our sense of worth.  When we discard this responsibility, we don’t necessarily think that this will create negative consequences but there are many.

Submissive behaviours are against our nature’s needs. It is important to understand that no religions or political leader or substance or habit can replace the responsibility we have toward oneself.  When we let go that responsibility, we develop destructive patterns endangering more than our own life.

The results of years of submission has now reached a critical level in Nigeria and working at empowering people could become quickly a dangerous endeavor as criminals found their way to benefit from submissive minds, as much as villainous and opportunist religious leaders claiming their legitimacy to speak on behalf 1000 gods.

The truth so hard to admit today is that Nigerians are crushed under the same realities, incapacitated and enslaved into the illusion that someone beside themselves will save them. But the truth is that no one will do. If we don’t start to talk and teach about empowerment, we will lose soon not only the battle but the war.  The level of substance abuse and self-destruction is now to a point we can call this “collective suicide”.  Today, this has reached a peek that no one would envy getting.

Empowerment can never occur when we are hiding reality.  In fact, it is about facing the realities we don’t like and use them to become creative and solution-focused but most of all, is to learn how to navigate through life and using our inner resources to take care of ourselves.