Advocacy. To convince and engage.

One of the challenge we have when we start talking about Mental Health, is that most Mental Health professionals talk about it on own their terms, mostly relating diagnoses and illnesses with little voice for prevention, the “before it gets there”.  Even in the line of the truest truth, negative messages have for consequences to disengage more easily even creating a complete disinterest for most potential actors as a defense mechanism, since we don’t like to be confronted to what reflects the weakest part of ourselves.

That’s why advocacy is so important to us.  At AMHACI, we feel we must approach Mental Health in a different angle to encourage and support governing actors at every level to commit in developing and implement legislation reflecting the need of the population and capable to respond to the devastating tendencies Nigeria is facing with addiction and the rise of conflicts. Advocacy is about pleading sustainable change in behaviours and attitudes toward Mental Health for bettering Nigerians’ global health and quality of life.

We must always remember that everything we think and how we behave comes from our mind first and foremost. We should look at mental health as a wonderful and powerful tool at hand that allows us to connect with what surrounds us and what makes us feel.  If we don’t protect that, things start then to go wrong.

For us, advocacy is also about giving one clear voice to mental health in a positive way,  caring and loving and breaking fears. When we stigmatize, we judge, we put down, we hold in us something destructive.

We advocate to change conceptions and behaviours because we know, we can’t change what we don’t know and we can’t do better nor we can’t change if we lie to ourselves and others about the reality we are avoiding too often by all means.

Let us talk about Mental Health.

You could amazed by what we will say.


Being a good parent it is not about what we think necessarily.


To live together in peace we must change.


Why are we addicted to religions, to substance, to love, to technology?


Where to find it if so many didn't find it yet?


A concept we all learn from young age. We can stop it if.


The illusion of being part of something.


Can we love others if we don't love oneself?


The task we think we're good at. In fact, we should doubt.


Growing up with a sense of unfairness til death.


The trauma and the crumbled lives it leaves us with.

If you want to change the world, invite us to talk. We know a little chunk about Human Beings.

Let's talk about how we can change the world together.

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